Wednesday, March 16, 2016


my favorite time of year is here again, the time to declutter absolutely everything.  i have to admit that i've come a little off track recently, and it's nice to have a season like spring to nudge me back into the place i've missed so much.

i've decided to do a bit of decluttering on this blog as well.  until this point, my children have played a large role in the posts that i have written and the pictures that i have posted, but they have their preferences, and i have mine, and at this point we feel the same.  i've considered to start another blog, but since i wanted to take parts of this one down anyway, i thought this might be easier.  i'm not convinced quite yet, but we'll see.

and just to confuse you further,  i may even rename the blog because i'm just feeling like i'm ready for something new, a new chapter if you will.  i hope you'll hang with me, as i promise to post things from time to time.



  1. I always enjoy your blog, Carlin. Looking forward to seeing what comes next. :)

  2. It makes sense to change the blog when your real life is changing or transitioning. I think you are being very mindful of you children too. I have young children but am 40 and will be transitioning more in to women's health. Excited to see your new chapter.

  3. Change is always good, and a little decluttering never hurt anyone, right? Looking forward to seeing where this fresh space takes you my friend. xo

  4. i love change as well! will certainly hang in there... your posts are so worth it.