Saturday, July 16, 2016

a lavender farm and a garden update

 preparing for making lavender essential oil

the lavender labyrinth 
watching the eagles hunting the fields after the mowing - very hunger games like

 tide-pooling at double bluff beach

We spent last week over on the islands again, enjoying being up close to the water. While we were there, we went and checked out the Lavender Wind Farm, which was amazing. I'm excited to go back another time and learn more about the process of making essential oils. They also had a sweet little store in town where there was no shortage of every body product you could imagine. I have a lot of them here with me right now.

I had proper plans to start on my Dottie Angel frock, but I just can't seem to get started. Instead, I've just been sewing squares - all kinds really - and made of nearly everything. My favorites have been from old tablecloths, but I'm not discriminating.

I've included a few more pictures of the garden, which has been doing well so far. We've definitely had a lot of bugs this year though, especially aphids, so that has been a bit frustrating. I was quite happy to discover that while I thought that I bought a few cherry tomato varieties for one of the vegetable beds, at least one of the plants turned out to be some sort of heirloom tomatoes. I've always wanted to grow them, but haven't had the space before. Now I'm just hoping the rest of the summer brings a little more heat because they are going to need it!

One of my big projects this summer was to grow zucchini vertically. It's not been as easy as I had hoped, but it seems to be working. One plant seems to have gotten away from me, but the other two are growing up the stakes. We've had plenty to eat from the garden already this year, and are feeling very grateful. I think my favorite thing that I have been growing this year has been calendula, it's just been so gratifying to harvest the tops one by one, and then to dry them for when I need a little summer in winter. We've also been picking blackberries by the gallons, and although we aren't actually growing them, they are freely available to anyone who has the desire to pick them. We jokingly say that we go blackberry hunting, as it can be a truly painful task and I'll often find band-aids everywhere upon returning.

Hopefully I will come back with pictures of a finished frock later in the summer, although it may be a while! In the meantime - if you are on Instagram, I'd love to connect and see all of your inspiring photos and projects - I've just found that it's easier for me right now. Please find me @carlinsea.

I'm not leaving this blog for good - but at least for now - until I have more time to visit.

Happy Summering!